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CC2U is based on the open-source platform of the flagship European Commission project eWALL that supports the independent living and wellbeing of patients with chronic diseases. CC2U utilizes a holistic infrastructure model and an affordable, easy to install system that will fade into the background. During its design, a multidisciplinary approach was used to determine the needs of specific target groups and to create a dynamic “caring home” environment capable of “sensing” and “learning”.  In order to preserve and enhance health, functional capabilities, self-confidence, safety and mobility the system includes a scalable, modular cloud-based platform capable of integrating various off-the-shelf and custom devices. The cloud platform can support any number of sensing environments based in primary users’ homes and responsible for explicit and implicit interaction with the primary users, as shown bellow (*):

(*) The eWALL OSS is available here: https://github.com/ewallprojecteu/